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Conscious Transcription

With more than ten years of experience in transcription, I have earned numerous accolades for delivering exceptional work. After spending 13 years at AQuity Solutions Pvt Ltd, I transitioned to a freelance career and currently work as a quality assurance specialist for Scribie and a legal editor for Transcription For Everyone. With an average accuracy rate of 99.9%, I am proficient in general, business, legal, and medical transcription, and my experience with speech recognition software has further honed my skills. To produce accurate and high-quality transcriptions, I prioritize deep concentration aided by meditation and yoga. Honesty, integrity, discipline, perseverance, and punctuality are fundamental values that I hold dear in both my personal and professional life. With my extensive experience, commitment to quality, and unwavering values, I am confident in my ability to provide exceptional transcription services and bring value to any team.

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