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Whispers of Wisdom's Wondrous Waltz

Whispers of wisdom's wondrous waltz

Whispers of Wisdom's Wondrous Waltz

Bemoan not, if all around gain wisdom's light,

For in patience's embrace, your own shall ignite.

With each fleeting moment, a deeper well to plumb,

Lament not, for tardiness bears wisdom's sum.

Though others dance on knowledge's illuminated stage,

Fear not, dear soul, the pace at which you engage.

For time, a painter, strokes his brush with grace,

Crafting wisdom's masterpiece at its own pace.

The world may soar on wings of learned insight,

Yet fret not, for wisdom blossoms in the night.

As moonbeams kiss the drowsy earth with their glow,

So too, your mind shall awaken, wisdom's seeds shall sow.

Embrace the journey, let patience be your guide,

In wisdom's garden, blossoms bloom with stride.

With every step, your spirit shall ascend,

And wisdom's sweet nectar, your thirst shall mend.

So fret not, if others grasp wisdom's sacred thread,

For in the realm of time, a lesson shall be fed.

Embrace the rhythm, let the universe unfold,

The longer it takes, the wiser you'll behold.

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