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A May Day in Bangalore

Van Gogh Style digital image of Bangalore in May
A May Day in Bangalore

Oh Bangalore, the month of May,

Brings forth a mix of sun and gray,

When Jacaranda trees, with purple hue,

Bloom to life, a breathtaking view.

The Gulmohar trees, with fiery red,

Stand tall and proud, like a king's head,

As monsoons approach, so near,

The hot sun now begins to disappear.

Watermelons and mangoes, a real treat,

A respite from the sweltering heat,

As the monsoons approach with speed,

The city's spirit starts to feed.

The rest of India swelters in the scorching sun,

While in Bangalore, the weather is more fun,

The air so fresh, the breeze so cool,

Nature's blessings, a splendid jewel.

From the parks to the lakes,

The city's beauty never fades,

In May, it's just a sight to behold,

A city, with a heart of gold.

Oh, how I long for that delightful time,

When Bangalore shows her charm so fine,

With hues of purple and fiery red,

And the monsoon's kiss on her lovely head.

For in her heart, she holds a treasure,

Of nature's gifts in perfect measure,

A true delight, for eyes to see,

In lovely Bangalore, the city of glee.

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